Bug Squishing

June 24, 2013 News

Progress continues to be made in the programming department, with a large number of bugs relating to network replication having been squished. Now, all aspects of gameplay work properly in multiplayer with only minor cosmetic jitters with some physics here and there including grappling, carrying, knock downs and weapon tossing.

We are now at a stage where we can start adding in some custom character models, so we are now looking for a character artist to join us, who can work on the human player models and the cybernetic horrors (that should be fun!).

If anyone is interested in what they’ve seen so far and would like to contribute or find out more about the work involved, please drop us a line at contact@redoubtgame.com

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Our first update

June 15, 2013 News

Hi everyone,

An initial update on where we are then. The basic framework of the game is in place with the day and night cycle, the enemies appearing at night and dying at sunrise. Players can build barriers, turrets an ammo box and repair the objective to bolster their defences, as well as stack physics objects to block pathways. During the day, enemies will lurk and roam in the dark areas underground, waiting to ambush the unwary players. There are a number of different weapons and grenade types.

The video below outlines some of the features currently in action. Note that currently there are none of our art assets in the game, so everything you see is a placeholder and does not belong to Redoubt:

We are also recruiting artists to help us out. For further information please see the recruitment thread on PolyCount here.

I will try to post regular updates from here on out on progress as its made.

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Still Working Behind the Scenes!

May 22, 2013 News

Hi everyone,

We’re still working like crazy to get the website ready. We want to do a big initial update soon to bring everyone up to speed on where we’re at with development as well as officially pull the covers off Redoubt, but for the time being we’re still working behind the scenes. Although we have the basic game mechanics in place from a code perspective, we’re still working on our first concept pieces and custom assets which we would like to form part of the unveiling.

That said, I feel that the placeholder assets we’re using will still enable us to communicate what Redoubt is about, and so we’re going to record a first pre-alpha play session as soon as I have built and implemented the HUD and ironed out a few bugs here and there.

In the meantime, I have added some content to the “About” section which includes the back story and a list of current and planned features. Our forums are also open for business, so if there are any initial questions you might have or if the About section has piqued your interest then feel free to drop in and say hello.

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Welcome to the Redoubt Website!

May 2, 2013 News

Hello and welcome to the official website for Redoubt. Redoubt is a co-operative survival game currently in development, challenging players to work together to survive in a hostile environment long enough to repair their ship and escape. Players will be expected to explore the ruined remains of once-great cities by day, scavenging for resources and using them to build defences in preparation for nightfall, when horrifying creatures emerge from the shadows and converge on their crashed vessel.

Please bear with us while we get the site fully operational, and then we will update it with some new content for you all to enjoy. We will also look to get our forums up in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to drop us a line at contact@redoubtgame.com

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