Green indicates completed features which only need tweaks for bug fixing and balancing

Blue indicates features which are partially completed but functional to a limited degree. Work in progress.

Red indicates features which haven’t been started yet or are not yet functional


Win and Lose Conditions

  • The game is lost if the ship’s health reaches 0 and is destroyed.
  • The game is won if the ship’s health is fully restored.
  • The ship will start at 10% of maximum health.

Repairing the Ship

  • Players will be able to repair the ship using a welding tool
  • Using the tool costs resources, which is expended like ammunition as the welder is operating

Gathering Resources

  • Resources are scattered around the map, which can be picked up by players
  • Players have a maximum limit of resources that they can carry at once
  • Players can choose perks to increase their maximum resources and increase the amount they obtain from sources
  • Players will drop a limited amount of resources upon death which can be collected by other players, any more will be permanently lost


  • Players with a welding tool can spend resources on building and upgrading defences, this includes the following:
    • Automated ballistic turret
    • Automated flamethrower turret
    • Automated explosive turret
    • Pylon which slows nearby enemies
    • Ammo boxes
    • Physical barriers of varying strength and cost
    • More planned
  • Players also have access to cheap but less sturdy defences
    • Sticky mines and C4
    • Carrying and stacking nearby objects to form blockades
    • Using the welder’s alternate fire to bolt stacked objects in place, preventing them from being knocked aside easily

Weapons and Equipment

  • Players will not choose their load-out, they will instead need to find weapons on the map and stockpile them
  • Players can have one side-arm, two main weapons and one tool
  • Tools include:
    • Welding tool for construction and repair
    • C4
    • Grappling hook
    • Healing equipment
    • Others
  • More powerful weapons can only be obtained by finding them around the map
  • Basic weapon types include:
    • Pistols
    • Shotguns
    • Assault rifles
  • More powerful weapon types include:
    • Grenade launchers
    • Flamethrowers
    • Heavy machineguns
    • Sniper Rifles
    • More exotic weapons
  • Players have access to a flashlight for exploring dark areas
  • Players can throw grenades using a quick-throw key:
    • Nail bombs (will impale enemies to the wall if they stand near one)
    • Molotov cocktails
    • Gas grenades (Will slow and poison enemies for a period of time)
    • Sticky Mines
  • Players have access to a quick melee attack which will knock over and momentarily stun an enemy
  • The weapons are modifiable, allowing players to swap out components found around the map to alter their function

Day and Night Cycle

  • A full day and night cycle, configurable by the mapper and the server settings
  • Waves of enemies will spawn at night and converge on the location of the escape craft
  • Monsters will attack the escape craft, attacking players and constructions in their path
  • At daybreak, enemies spawned at night will combust and die
  • During the day, enemies will lurk in underground and dark areas, waiting to ambush explorers